Farmington City
Dear fellow resident,

I am running for Farmington City Council in order keep taxes low and
maintain a fiscally responsible city budget. I will also continue to link
residents and businesses with their city's government. During my previous
term, I reformed the Economic Development Authority (EDA) to include
residents and business leaders instead of just elected officials. This
helped align our community’s planning and encouraged business
investment, leading to increased commercial development and added jobs.

To continue on the successes of my previous term, I will continue to seek
to increase commercial development of vacant land owned by the city.
This will increase our tax base and reduce the burden on our current

Our city is in a strong position today because of its fiscal responsibility. I
will continue to be a strong advocate to curb unnecessary spending and
find ways to save more money. Since my term began in 2010, services
have improved and taxes have remained low.

I will be a champion for the residents of Farmington and an ally of the

Thank you,
Paid for by: Jason Bartholomay for City Council Campaign